A Moral and Spiritual Crisis

by Republican Rebel


"When I say to the wicked, 'O wicked man, you will surely die,' and you do not speak out to dissuade him from his ways, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. But if you do warn the wicked man to turn from his ways and he does not do so, he will die for his sin, but you will have saved yourself." Ezekiel 33:8-9

Thirty-five years ago, a counterculture revolution swept through America, resulting in a sudden, steep moral decline. Since that time (from the early ’60s until today), the divorce rate has doubled, the teen suicide rate has tripled, reported violent crime has quadrupled, the prison population has quintupled, the percentage of babies born out of wedlock has risen six-fold, and couples living together out of wedlock has risen sevenfold. And the end is not in sight.

With the passing of the 70’s some may have thought the Hippie era was a thing of the past, but the hippie is still alive and thriving in cities like Boulder, Colorado, Eugene and Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Burlington, Vermont, Los Angeles, San Francisco’s Haight-Asbury, and Berkley, California in addition to a whole lot of other places too numerous to name. 

Now what am I talking about and just what the heck is a hippie? The hippie generally comes from the middle to upper classes and more often than not their parents were hippies in the 60’ s-70’ s and later become new agers. When it comes to hippies the more things change the more they stay the same. When you get behind all the rhetoric about being against the establishment, whatever that means, the hippie is first and foremost an unemployed, unproductive member of society, or to put it plain and simple a bum. No wonder the are Democrats or Green Peace people!



A bum is an individual that won’t work and has no desire to work no matter how much you pay him or her. They “bum” off others, live with them, draw state or federal government assistance whenever they can, and depend on others to be their host for life. In other words they are leeches. Now at least with the hobo that lives on the street he’s up front about this. He sits in his own filth, begs for money and gets drunk. I even saw a wino one day with a sign that said, “Need Beer!” He was honest; I’ll say that for him. 

The hippies disguise their parasitic lifestyles in propaganda about the establishment, environment, alternative lifestyles and sustainable living. Hippies practice sustainable living and if the hippie owns a VW bus he or she will always have some sort of bumper sticker that says: “Live Simply So Others May Simply Live”. Translated it means: “I don’t want to work and I would like you to support my hippie lifestyle."

 Hippies for the most part are socialists, Marxists, and Communists because it advocates the redistribution of income. This means take from those who have worked their butts off to get what they have and give it to the hippies who are lazy no-accounts that think the world owes them a living. If they happen to be trust fund hippies then they sing a slightly different tune but like their non trust fund hippies they avoid work at all cost. 2 Thessalonians 3: 10  “this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

I knew some hippies in Southern California and they all lived together in what they called a commune or a “crash pad," which was nothing more then a fancy word for flophouse. 

It was one of those places where 15 people crammed into an old rented house and chipped in $25 a month to cover the rent. That was no problem for them because they could panhandle, which means beg, for that much every month. They would deal in drugs so that provided a little extra income so they could all sleep during the day and get stoned at night. 

Every day there seemed to be another stray cat in the house or another stray hippie sleeping on the porch or in the backseat of his car parked in the street, driveway, or front yard. They recycled everything they could, namely beer cans so piles of trash were around the house, beside the house, and in the house. Naturally no one ever bothered to drop the junk off at a recycling center. There was no heat, because it had been shut off. The hippies would say that they were not going to support the “oil companies” and but the truth of the matter was that the hippies never paid the bill. The place was dirty and never seemed to get cleaned up. And the bathroom, well I don’t even want to go there! The toilet and tub looked like it had never seen a scrub brush and cleanser. There was always some hippie girl that would come to stay that knew somebody who knew somebody who told her this would be a “cool” place to “crash” (sleep, eat, and leech off of) with some “cool” people. Yes this is a typical hippie “crash pad” hangout, which you will find in just about Anytown, Anywhere, whether it be in America, Australia, Scotland, England, or Canada. Talk about “There goes the neighborhood!” My grandmother used to teach, “Cleanliness is next to godliness!” Whatever happened to those values?

The hippies all say they believe in “free love," but that is just a fancy phrase for choose the one you want and get it on! Most hippies can’t even remember who or how many they have had sex with. No wonder they all admire Bill Clinton! 



Then they all sit around and complain that not enough is being done about more welfare money for unwed mothers and to help stop the spreading of STD’s such as the clap and AIDS. Their minds are so screwed up that they cannot see that their lifestyle is adding to the problems!

 I learned all about hippies and their lifestyles while I was in Southern California, which is otherwise known as “Hippie Haven.”  Hippies all seem to know a lot of four letter words, but they also seem to have a “phobia” of some sort to two four letter words spelled s-o-a-p and w-o-r-k

They certainly are lazy leeches but their upper middle class suburban roots force them to put on a deceptive front about not being vagrants. Sometimes they even have to do something to earn money. They go to flea markets, or find a vacant lot next to a busy intersection and sell all kinds of hippie paraphernalia which includes dried up weeds, sunflower seeds, astrological postcards, water bongs, roach clips, smoking stones, hash pipes, tie-dyed t-shirts and psychedelic posters at inflated prices. Tourists really suck up that incense and peppermints junk. Naturally the hippies keep out non-hippie competitors by deeming themselves “practitioners of the liberal arts” and others as greedy capitalist. This “artisan” only policy keeps the prices high and gives the hippies a monopoly. What nerve they have to attack those who believe in the free enterprise system that made America great, advocating communism while all the time practicing monopoly capitalism! Hippies are hypocrites.

Hippies not fortunate enough to have a trust fund, a rich mommy and daddy to send them money or some marginal hippie craft skill will usually resort to selling drugs. All hippies are for drug use and drug use is usually the compelling force behind their hatred of work. Naturally these drug-selling hippies end up getting busted and thrown into the slammer because hippies do not use the brains that the Good Lord gave them. All an undercover cop has to do to gain the trust of a hippie drug dealer is put on a pair of sandals with leather insoles, a tie-dye shirt and belt with a marijuana leaf buckle and some old jeans with tears in the knees. These hippie drug dealers are usually the ones you see on 60 Minutes when they are doing a piece on excessive punishments for drug dealing. You know the double standard. If they’re white kids from a home with rich parents its excessive. If they’re black from the ghetto, they’re violent “niggers” that need to be locked up. Hypocrisy at it’s worst.

One place the hippies do not practice slothfulness is when it comes to a demonstration. They love to protest. Hippies are always protesting about something all the time. Now if you talk to a hippie about what they are protesting about they will be woefully ignorant of the issue at hand. That’s not important to the hippie. Hippies take examples from other hippies.

 You can usually follow the trail of misinformation to some communist and /or terrorists front group. The hippies play right into the hands of Islamic terrorists each time the protest the war we are fighting against our enemies. This is why hippies are always sympathizing with our enemies. This nails it on the head as to why hippies support the enemies of the USA and Australia such as the Islamic nations. It is a good thing for us that hippies are too lazy to do anything constructive about their causes. To them the protest is like a wild party. It’s just an opportunity to make noise, interfere with people living productive and meaningful lives, do lots of drugs and maybe catch a sexual disease from some dirty little sexually promiscuous hippie girl.

A huge portion of hippies do not bathe on a regular basis, and have a phobia of soap-on-a-rope. Many of the hippie girls do not trim their pubic hairs, shave their armpits or their legs. Most hippie girls will not use deodorants or feminine hygiene douche products. Add this to the fact that they don't take baths on a regular basis, one would wonder why anyone other than another dirty hippie would want to be sexually active with them. Hippies have placed themselves in the same category as animals when it comes to personal hygiene.

Hippies are always finding ways to travel to third world countries and then they come back to the USA proclaiming how much better the cultures are over there then here. They become experts on these inferior cultures in just two weeks and assume that because of the way the tourist industry kissed their hippie hides, it represents of the rest of the culture. Hippies never see the wife beatings, voodoo rituals, headhunters, cannibals and the human sacrifice that take place on a daily basis in these heathen cesspools of Satan worship.

Not only do hippies burn their brain cells by smoking their dope, but they force it on their own kids also. They claim the use of cannabis, or marijuana is natural and does no harm, in spite of medical proof that shows just the opposite. When hippies give drugs to their kids, there is one word for that, plain and simple, and it's called child abuse!

Hippies smoking dope forces it on a little baby



Hippies also disrespect law enforcement and teach all those who will listen that the police are agents of the establishment and therefore considered the enemy. They teach their children horrible values by telling them  to hate the police and to call them all sorts of vulgar names.


 Hippies protest our war against terrorism and take the side of our enemies. They could care less about the thousands of people who died on 9/11. Hippies do nothing productive for our nation and yet have the nerve to make derogatory subversive remarks about our great President George W. Bush, who has worked hard to not only remove maniacal dictators like Saddam and the Taliban from torturing citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, but to keep the rest of us safe from Muslim terrorists. Hippies preach about how good our enemies are but they sit here in our nation living off the fat of the land. Why don't they move their sorry hides over to the Middle East if they think Iran and the rest of the terrorists nations are so great? They know why! Although they might look just like Muslims, the Islamic law would demand they be killed just because of their lifestyle!

America has the following which has all been contributed to by hippies:

• The highest percentage of single-parent families in the industrialized world
• The highest abortion rate in the industrialized world
• The highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the industrialized world (the rates of syphilis and gonorrhea transmission are almost 500% higher than the highest rates in the other industrialized nations)
• The highest teenage birth rate in the industrialized world (by far!)
• The highest rate of teenage drug use in the industrialized world

In fifteen of our nation’s largest cities, more than 90% of the babies born to teens are illegitimate. Legalized same-sex “marriages” and “civil unions” are here. Children’s textbooks encouraging adolescent fornication are here. School hallways splattered with teenage blood are here. Bans on using the name of Jesus at our graduations are here. Topless, feminist worship services on our college campuses are here.


While we have sat on our backsides, being concerned only about ourselves, we have not changed this generation. This generation has changed us! Instead of being the salt of the earth, (Matthew 5:13) as Jesus said, and brightening the world like light we now smell and taste like the world, and its darkness is snuffing out our lamps. Rather than setting captives free by the power of Jesus’ blood, many of us are being ensnared and enslaved, making a mockery of that sacred blood. Rather than making disciples of sinners and teaching them the ways of God, many of us are being discipled by them, learning their ways, imitating their lifestyles, and conforming to their values.


However, through all of this I have discovered that hippies are not totally useless. They can be put to good use. Someone suggested that hippies be used for bait for alligator hunting in the swamps of Louisiana, but I said that would not be the Christian thing to do! Jesus doesn't hate hippies, and neither should Christians. Jesus wants them to repent and change and so should we. Of course if they were on a pair of skies, with a couple of good conservatives driving the boat, being pulled the swamps with an alligator swimming behind the hippie, I bet they would repent and become a Christian, like immediately! That's one way to get a hippie to change!



My suggestion I think would be the best one, and that is we give the hippies an ultimatum to either choose number one: convert to Christianity, get a job, take a bath, go to church, and go visit the barber shop, or number two: we buy them a one way ticket to go live in Iran or any Al-Qaeda territory and see how well those terrorists treat them when they come with their “peace man” and “free love” attitudes and bumper stickers, or better yet send those hippies to Palestine and let them try that protesting stuff with the Israeli Armed Forces! Hippies won’t go to war but that shouldn’t stop them from being used as human shields!

So whenever you are feeling down and do not feel that you have anything to give thanks for, thank God that you are not a hippie!


Anti-God forces are after the soul of our nation, and if we don’t wake up now, if we don’t take a stand now, if we don’t repent and pray and rise and speak and act now, then instead of this great country being “the land of the free and the home of the brave” our nation could become “the land of sleaze and the home of depraved.”

If you are a hippie, and wish to repent, say this prayer:

"Father please forgive me for being a hippie. I renounce all the new age and communist philosophy that I have learned in the hippie movement. I wish to renew my mind Lord and become a new creation in Christ Jesus. I will read my bible, go to church, take a bath and get a job! Please forgive me for being a liberal and help me to become a good conservative so I can contribute to society instead of taking from it. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name. Amen."




If you are a hippie and do not wish to accept Christ and change your liberal ways, here's one last thought:



America, Love It Or Leave It!